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Ophthalmology for dogs and cats "Step by Step" - Stage 2 Ophthalmic Surgery

Ophthalmology for dogs and cats "Step by Step" - Stage 2 Ophthalmic Surgery

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Date: 6-7/07/2024
Presenter: M.D. vet. Oliwia Lis
Place: Warsaw


Saturday - feline ophthalmology:
✓ Corneal diseases in cats – differential diagnosis and treatment.
✓ Glaucoma in cats - from the perspective of a practitioner, from diagnosis to treatment.
✓ Uveitis in the course of systemic diseases in cats – differential diagnosis and treatment.
✓ Entropion in cats – diagnosis and discussion of surgical techniques.
✓ Ophthalmic surgery (independently performing surgical procedures on cadavers): corneal debridement, entropionplasty, transconjunctival enucleation.

Sunday - dog ophthalmology:
✓ Defects in the position of eyelids in dogs - discussion of selected surgical techniques.
✓ Prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid - discussion of the gland repositioning technique.
✓ Ophthalmological emergency – eyeball falling out, step by step procedure.
✓ Spontaneous chronic damage to the corneal epithelium – diagnosis and pharmacological and surgical treatment.
✓ Ophthalmological surgery (independent performance of surgical procedures on cadavers): eyelid canthoplasty, repositioning of the third eyelid gland using the "pocket technique", grid keratotomy, third eyelid dressing, tarsoraphia - temporary fusion of the eyelids.

✓ The workshops are intended for veterinarians and 5th and 6th year veterinary students.
✓ Intensive workshops for participants who know the basics of dog and cat ophthalmology and who perform ophthalmological examinations on their own, but participation in the first stage of the training is not required.
✓ Number of participants: max. 12 people.
✓ The cost of participation includes: participation in the training in the theoretical and practical part, unlimited access to cold and hot drinks during the training, refreshments during coffee breaks, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, training materials in paper form.
✓ Each participant will perform the above on their own. surgical procedures on cat and dog cadavers (single-person workstations).
✓ We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if at least 10 participants do not meet.
✓ Each participant will receive a certificate of training completion and educational points.
✓ ADDITIONALLY: you can get an individual internship with Dr. Oliwia Lis during the workshops!

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