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Cytological Diagnosis - Stage I

Cytological Diagnosis - Stage I

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Presenter: Dr n. vet. Paweł Klimiuk
Date: May 25-26, 2024
Place: Gdańsk

Workshop program:

✓ Introduction to cytological examination - indications for the examination, methods of collecting material, types of staining used in cytological examination.

✓ Basics of microscopic evaluation of cytological preparations:
– Features of epithelial, mesenchymal and oval cell tumors,
– Pathological changes in cells – cytological criteria of malignancy,
– Cytological test report.

✓ Cytological diagnosis of changes of mesenchymal origin:
– Lipoma,
– Liposarcoma,
– Sterile inflammation of subcutaneous fat tissue (panniculitis),
– Xanthoma,
– Fibroma,
– Fibrosarcoma,
– Feline injection site sarcoma (FISS),
– Membranoma,
– Osteosarcoma,
– Pigmented lesions, melanocytoma, melanosarcoma,
– Histiocytic sarcoma.

✓ Practical classes - microscopic assessment of cytological preparations of the above-mentioned lesions.

✓ Cytological diagnosis of lesions of epithelial origin:
– Cysts,
– Neutrophilic-macrophage / granulomatous-purulent inflammation,
– Squamous cell carcinoma,
– Tumors of the sebaceous glands: hyperplasia / adenoma, epithelioma,
– Ear wax gland tumors: hyperplasia/adenoma, cancer,
– Adenoma of the perianal glands / hepatoid,
– Apocrine gland cancer of the paraanal sinuses (AGASACA),
– Thyroid cancer: adenoma, cancer,
– Mammary gland cancers,
– Inflammation of the urinary bladder,
– Transitional bladder carcinoma (TCC) / urothelial carcinoma (UC),
– Prostate cancer.

✓ Practical classes - microscopic assessment of cytological preparations of the above-mentioned lesions.

✓ The workshops are intended for veterinarians and 5th and 6th year veterinary students.
✓ The cost of participation includes: participation in the training in the theoretical and practical part on Saturday and Sunday, unlimited access to cold and hot drinks during the training, refreshments during coffee breaks, lunch, training materials in paper form.
✓ Practical part - independent work of each participant at the microscope under the supervision of the instructor.
✓ We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if at least 10 participants do not meet.
✓ Each participant will receive a certificate of training completion and educational points.

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